Transaction & Deal Advisory

Global Mindset and Extensive Market Knowledge

Vensol Energy Investment & Financial Advisory creates financial, commercial and operational combinations for every deal along with its expert advisors. In your agreement processes, information prepared with advanced methods provides end-to-end professional service and support.

Integrated Experts Thinking Like Investors

For our clients, services are provided to ensure and maintain maximum return at the point of acquisition, disposal, strategic mergers or fundraising.

Maximize Efficiency with Maximum Return

Checking All Assumptions Related to the Agreement, Forming a Vision for the Future

With financial due diligence, all financial, operational, strategic and commercial assumptions of the agreement are analyzed and verified for corporate and financial buyers. Buy side due diligence services:

*Commercial, Income, Market Due Diligence

*Synergy Creation and Earning Sustainability

*Cash Flow Determination, Operational and Agreement Structuring     

Outstanding Analytical Tools, Real Results

As you progress in your transactions, we guarantee that you can clearly see the ahead of you and strengthen your foresight. Because we enable you to increase the portfolio value. During the trading cycle, we provide advisory services for you to change the rules of the game with proprietary analytical tools and methods.

Take advantage of our solid database in the industry. Get a clear picture with lots of financial reporting. Create value beyond agreement via our deep analysis of valuation, pricing, planning and negotiations.


How Do We Set Higher Standards ?

Risk and value factors for all aspects of transactions are analyzed for the deals. Instead of solving various problems that may arise, take advantage of our solutions that will create value by going beyond the agreement.

We make balance between innovation and human insight with the right scaling before your competitors.

Before signing your agreements, your comprehensive value creation plan is prepared and reality checks are managed and we change the deal environment for you.