The Problem to be Solved; Air Pollution                                    

Air Pollution

Air, which is one of the most basic resources for the continuation of our lives; is the necessity for a healthy society and sustainable living. While the cleanliness of the air we breathe is very important for our vital functions, it is beneficial for climate change. Air pollution, on the other hand, occurs when the composition of the gases in the atmosphere increases or decreases and reaches a level that is harmful to the environment and health. The imbalance in the gas composition has also increased the earth’s temperature as global warming. It threatens the health of living things on our planet; It creates smoke and acid rain and can cause respiratory and cancer diseases. The problem is more intense in large cities, where emissions from many different sources are concentrated.

Air pollution caused by various activities of humans is solid, liquid and gaseous. From the causes of air pollution; gases emitted from vehicles such as automobiles, burning of fossil fuels, mining activities, chemicals from factories and industries, agricultural activities, household cleaning products and chemicals in wall painting both pollute the air and affect breathing.

Unfortunately, due to air pollution, dangerous effects on the environment and living things occur. While the imbalance in the gas composition of the air causes the temperature of our world to increase, that is, global warming, on the other hand, the ozone layer is thinning. The harmful gases produced by the combustion of fossil fuels create acid rain and this situation harms human, animal and plant life. Increases in human diseases occur, furthermore, most animal species are subject to extinction and the death of plants.

Vensol Enerji

So what should be done to combat air pollution in the face of so much negativity? 

  • We can try to save the environment by saving energy on an individual level. We should turn off the electrical appliances that we do not use and prefer the devices with higher energy savings.
  • Vehicle use should be minimized. Especially for short distances, public transport or walking should be preferred.
  • Attention is paid to the maintenance and repair of vehicles, while exhaust gas measurements should be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Quality fuels should be used and clean energy sources should be preferred.
  • Chimney cleaning should be carried out regularly in houses with stoves.
  • Fuel consumption should be reduced and thermal insulation should be carried out in buildings and houses.
  • Clean fuel and raw materials should be used in industry. Industrial settlements should be established as far away from cities as possible.
  • Treatment plants should be established.
  • Increasing green areas is of great importance when combating air pollution. Tree planting should be expanded and attention should be paid to existing green areas.

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