Sustainable Development Goals


Renewable Energy

Sustainable Development Goals, which concern our world and the human well-being that lives on it; is an action plan created by adopting a broader understanding of freedom in issues such as poverty, health, elimination of hunger, reduction of inequality, access to clean water, renewable energy, environment and education. The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), which were accepted with the signatures of 193 countries at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2015, aimed to strengthen world peace and created it by acting with the ‘sustainable development ‘ approach. At the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development of the SDG of 2030, including 169 goals under 17 main headings; is devised on the elimination of the inequalities that exist in society, with the aim of improving the welfare of every individual living in the world.

The main purpose of SDG 7 which is one of the 17 SDGs, is to end poverty in the world, fight climate change, ensure that no individual is left behind on the planet world, fight inequalities and advance every country in the development process.

SDG 7 : ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Purpose is; ‘To provide sustainable, reliable, affordable energy for all, to increase the share of renewable energy in world energy consumption and, in doing so, to double energy efficiency.’
  • Affordable, easily accessible, reliable and sustainable energy for all will open up to a more equal world, will serve new economic jobs and educational opportunities,  further protect us from climate change.
  • In order to reach the criteria in Target 7, it is expected that the renewable energy infrastructures of nations in energy efficiency will be developed and at the same time increase efficiency. Furthermore, the energy produced from fossil fuels is expected to be cleaner, and international collaborations are aimed in this regard globally.
  • In line with the objectives of the international policies made in the world to advance SDG 7; easy access to electricity, access to clean cooking, incentives for renewable energy, increasing the use with sanctions, increasing energy efficiency and international financial flows are all being subjects.
  • The article, which is also at the forefront from a global point of view, is also on the agenda of both the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

SDG 13: ‘Climate Action’;

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  • The fact that our earth, is warming more than it should be, threatens the future of humanity with all living species. SDS 13, which is to take urgent action for climate change and its impacts, aims to increase the resilience and adaptation capacity against climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries.
  • Sustainable Development Goal 13 aims to take urgent action in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to combat the impacts of climate change.
  • Among the relevant targets set in SDG 13, effective practices and planning against climate change in the least developed countries and developing countries are planned to be strategized and implemented with appropriate management, incentives and mechanisms.
  • Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, it is aimed to develop sustainable targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Some of the objectives are to integrate climate change plans and measures into national policies and to raise awareness of education in case of early warning.
  • The matter, which is also at the forefront from a global point of view, is also on the agenda of both the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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