Solar Energy Installed Power in Turkey Expected to Exceed 30 GW

International Solar Energy Society Turkey Section and SolarPower Europe reports have been announced. Accordimng to reports, the installation power of solar energy worldwide has exceeded 1 terawatt in total. As a result, the “terawatt age” began. While it is announced that the total installed solar energy capacity in Turkey is 8.3 gigawatts, it is aimed to exceed 30 gigawatts by 2030 with roof and field type projects.


Solar Energy in Turkey

Thanks to the installation of solar and wind power plants, worldwide emission reduction efforts continue rapidly. Only with these two energies is it possible to reduce emissions by 3/1. The worldwide coronavirus caused deficiencies in the supply of equipment at power plants. Despite this, the investments made for solar energy in the last 3 years did not slow down. Compared to last year, global solar power increased by 165 gigawatts. As a result of this increase, the total amount of energy increased to 940 gigawatts.


Solar energy is one of the energies that cause the least damage to the environment by not creating harmful waste. It is also very easy to set up and use. Thanks to these features, it occupies the most important place among renewable energy sources. There are many sources of energy reaching the surface from the sun’s rays. Efforts are continuing rapidly to evaluate this extremely large energy source.

Turkey has a high solar energy potential in terms of its geographical location. When the TUIK data is analyzed, we see that there are 9.1 million buildings in Turkey. 87% of these buildings are residential buildings. It is foreseen that more than 100 thousand buildings added to each building stock will be built by the use of solar energy. In this way, it is aimed to install solar module systems of around 2,000-4,000 MW in total with roof and facade applications in the next 10 years.


Vensol Energy Solar Energy in Turkey

The solar energy installed capacity of the power plants located in 78 provinces of Turkey is 8.3 gigawatts. It is aimed to increase this capacity over the years. By 2030, this capacity is expected to exceed 30 gigawatts.In addition, the rooftop solar power plant potential in Turkey, which has 7.5 hours of sunshine, is estimated to be over 20 gigawatts. Work continues at full speed to fully utilize this capacity.