Regional & Sector Based Investment



As projected, the increasing energy need and the dependence on conventional energy sources will continue for the future. Despite this, the ineffective use of renewable energy sources increases the energy supply security concerns of countries. Developments in new energy technologies need to converge to commercial development that can meet global energy demand. Decreasing environmental impacts in production activities in the energy sector will be possible with the conscious efforts of participants of the sector.


The energy sector has undergone significant changes after the pandemic crisis. Based on the latest data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the energy investment report comprehensively shows how energy capital flows have been reshaped because of the crisis. It has been analyzed how states determine their strategies during the financial uncertainty. According to the report, investments in the energy sector increased by 5% in 2021 and surpassed 820 billion dollars.

New Investments Support Clean Energy

It is a critical issue that should be paid sufficient attention that the decline in Global Energy Investment will lead to the loss of energy supply that may be necessary for the future.

Even though it varies from country to country, investment prospects have substantially improved in 2021, more than offsetting the 4% shrinkage in 2020.


Regional Markets for Renewable Energy Investment

Follow the investment appeal of the countries for the renewable energy sector.

Start analyzing current policies, market bases, investment infrastructure preparation, return expectations, risks, competitiveness, opportunity size.