Post-Acquisition Integration

Post-acquisition management does not only point to the final step of the purchasing process but stands out as the first opportunity to create value. Effective purchasing requires preparation that develops from the identification to the completion of the transaction.


Closing a Deal is Just the Beginning

Gathering businesses with different business relationships, corporate heritage, operational or cultural differences can also cause critical problems in synergy alignment in the short or medium term. Especially in multinational agreements, difficulties can gain momentum.

Vensol Energy Investment Advisory creates a successful working process for integration and restructuring due to its strong history. Change is effectively managed to ensure value maximization through planning and implementing post-purchase integration projects.

More Integrated Approach, Less Business Risk

By strategically addressing the post-deal tax, legal, technical and environmental consequences with an integrated approach, we enable our customers to achieve higher value with less business risk after the purchase. We also work to effectively manage change by providing insights across borders and industries to help buyer companies overcome challenges and get maximum value while simplifying complexity and providing confidence to do business.