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Vensol Energy Investments & Financial Advisory provides worldwide consultancy services with high-level connections, offering end-to-end solutions for international investors, Turkish and multinational companies who want to seize great opportunities.

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• Our independent consultancy solutions
• Our expertise for international markets

Discover our financial advisory and investment banking services for international mergers and acquisitions.

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End-to-End Transaction Excellence

Companies and organizations are redefining their business environments with the simultaneous rise of globalization as the world becomes politically and physically decentralized. The global renewable energy industry is rapidly evolving as a result of new technologies and ecosystems. Market conditions and politics mean the industry is growing fast.

The increase in the share of developing countries in world trade causes an increase in the demand for economic globalization and energy. Economic and political globalization has a positive effect on energy consumption per capita. China and India are among the top three energy importing countries. It is the biggest indicator of economic globalization. According to Goldman Sachs reports, BRICS countries will be among the world’s largest economies by 2050 and will play a significant role in creating an alternative in the multipolar world order.

By seizing opportunities with a sophisticated approach, Vensol plays a pioneering role in order to provide end-to-end transaction excellence in a world where customers, services, devices, businesses adapt to the global reality in the international business environment.

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Accounting legislations specific to countries and application differences in the field of tax and accounting can create confusion throughout the process in the participation of foreign investors in the economies of different countries.

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Investors question accounting standards during international investment and want to be sure of the authenticity of the financial statement.