Green Energy

The green certificate system prepared according to the Green Certificate Regulation with Buildings and Settlements published in the Official Gazette; begins to serve for the certification of green buildings. With the regulation published in the Official Gazette and prepared by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, the National Green Certificate System “YeS-TR”, which was prepared as a domestic application for the first time in order to certify green buildings, was put into practice.

Turkish Environment Agency as Evaluation Organization of the National Green Certificate System

In today’s world where ecological problems are increasing, the dissemination of environmentally friendly building and settlement practices at national and local levels in Turkey; According to the regulation defined as sustainable, low emission and minimized negative effects on the environment throughout the life cycle, energy-efficient, compatible with nature, environmentally friendly, the evaluation organization of the National Green Certificate System is the Turkish Environment Agency.

How Does Green Certificate Process Work?

Green Certificate

Building and settlement owners who want to obtain a Green Certificate will receive services from the green certificate experts and evaluation body authorized by the ministry and will record the information about the settlement in the Green Certificate Experts YeS-TR system. The Turkish Environment Agency will establish a process by evaluating the information recorded in the system of building and settlement owners who want to obtain a Green Certificate by checking it in place when necessary.

Institutions and organizations with public legal personality subject to the provisions of public and private law, universities and non-governmental organizations operating as green buildings and green settlements may operate as educational institutions if they meet the conditions specified in the regulation.