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Companies and organizations are redefining their business environments with the simultaneous rise of globalization as the world becomes politically and physically decentralized. The global renewable energy industry is rapidly evolving as a result of new technologies and ecosystems. Market conditions and politics mean the industry is growing fast.

The increase in the share of developing countries in world trade causes an increase in the demand for economic globalization and energy. Economic and political globalization has a positive effect on energy consumption per capita. China and India are among the top three energy importing countries. It is the biggest indicator of economic globalization. According to Goldman Sachs reports, BRICS countries will be among the world’s largest economies by 2050 and will play a significant role in creating an alternative in the multipolar world order.

As customers, services, devices, businesses adapt to the global reality in the international business environment, Vensol provides services as a pioneering organization to seize growth opportunities with a sophisticated approach that will adapt its business models and services to the global reality.

Does Your Company Transform Globalization Opportunities into Maximum Adaptation and Efficiency?

  • Vensol Energy Investment & Financial Advisory focuses on renewable energy and provides investment incentives to the markets. We provide M&A, project finance, strategic advisory services and services as a financial advisory boutique specializing in the energy transition.
  • Vensol Energy continues its activities not only in Europe but also in developing countries with the highest energy needs as a financial advisory boutique.

We help your company absorb the shock of global fluctuation by adapting to new capabilities and structures along with data integration.


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We provide international strategy and financial consultancy that will bring flexibility and agility to your business, and consultancy services that will unlock growth in emerging markets and improve your investment during commercial and economic globalization.

Global Hot Spots

The world’s largest economies are turning to green energy to help reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. It is important to determine your point for renewable energy investments during the search for clean resources. Strengthen your investment and insights with assessments of global market trends. Renewable energy investments which were under $50 billion in 2004 have been progressing to $300 billion in recent years.

Developing and emerging economies surpassed developed countries in the 6th year by reaching $153.4 billion in renewable energy investment. Besides, in 2020, investment in renewable energy and fuels reached 303.5 billion dollars. Wind and solar energy are among the trends in the flow of investments in renewable energy sources. In 2020, solar energy investment, with an increase of 12%, represented almost half of the renewable resource investments with $148.6 billion. Global investment flow in renewable energy capacity increased by 2% despite the pandemic crisis. Scaling renewable energy investment is critical to accelerating the global energy transformation and delivering benefits.