Due Diligence

Vensol Due Diligence process systematically and meticulously analyzes the overall picture of the target company in order to identify and evaluate risks and opportunities in corporate deals. Support is provided in the process of evaluating the assumptions about future performance values needed during the selection of the right valuation.

Vensol Energy Investment & Financial Advisory provides services with professionals who have local and international experience during the current due diligence or investment planning of companies.

Due Diligence Services We Offer

Valuation & Modeling

Business Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence

Buy Side Due Diligence

The purpose of buy side due diligence is to analyze the financial condition of the target company in strategic, operational and commercial terms and report it to the buyer party during the M&A transactions. For deals to be successful, we verify at the due diligence stage how accurate the financial information is about the businesses that enhances the buyer’s understanding.

In the financial due diligence phase, the factors that may affect the future success of the business for the buyers are determined and the strategies are assisted accordingly.

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Vendor Due Diligence

Sell side due diligence covers all of the same issues as buy side due diligence in potential deals. Seller due diligence is beneficial in the preparation of financial, tax, legal documents and data to be requested by the buyers before the sales process, and in the pre-determination of negotiation issues.

An unprepared management team or delays in providing data create a perception of risk during agreements. Also decreases the accuracy of closing the transaction and the rate of gaining speed.

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