Deal Origination

Let's Find Project and Create Your Deal

Vensol Energy Investment & Financial Advisory sheds new light on the usage of private placements in mergers and acquisitions based on your objectives. We provide companies with investment opportunities in the market by helping them grow and expand by investing in private resources. Start discovering opportunities with our experts who provide intermediary services in deals.

Vensol serves a legitimate business purpose beyond its role. During the private sales process of our customers;

  • Preparation of the agreement on the companies and transactions
  •  Finding potential investors
  •  Contact and market the offers
  •  Discussing terms
  •  Closing the deal on time

Through our corporate and individual capital network, we get the most suitable placements according to our customers' goals. Private Placement is not just a tactic in your M&A operations. Deal origination is an important process that you will find investment opportunities in the market.

  • Privacy and Control
  • Companies Searching for Target in the Market
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms
Communication with the party that wants or seeks to close a transaction in the market
Rooting begins at the point where either party desires to close the transaction

Why is Private Placement Necessary?

Capital restructuring or recapitalization

Protecting the privacy of firms

Access to fixed-rate and long-term capital

Financial growth or additional finances

Diversifying and expanding your company’s shareholder base